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Molenaar & Van Ginhoven BV was founded in 1964 by Messrs. Molenaar and Van Ginhoven. Geschiedenis _2Initially they started to cultivate perennials and Begonias, but soon switched to Gladioli. Both the flowers and the bulbs were exported to Germany, Switzerland and various other countries.

Some years later, they decided to extend their focus to another area. Thanks to the acquisition of Hytuda, they now had the necessary in-house knowledge and expertise to supply supermarkets with self-packaged flower bulbs and Crocus pots. That constituted the first step in M&G's growth and made us forerunners in the field of potted and pre-packaged flower bulbs.

Through our good network, we were able to establish the right contacts with the largest supermarket chains and garden centres in the Netherlands and abroad. After we had gained name awareness, one success quickly followed another and we soon outgrew our premises. That's why in 1973 we lay the foundation stone of our new production hall on the Torenlaan in Voorhout, where we are still established to this day.

M&G is very customer-focused and attaches great value to good relations with customers and suppliers. Practically all of our earliest customers are still in M&G's order portfolio. Innovation and development are also very important to our company. This enables us to continually add new names to our customer base.

In 2000, the two founders passed the baton to the Molenaar brothers. They are continuing the developments and growth, sharing the same values when it comes to family, reliability and entrepreneurship. Examples of these developments are the mail-order line and the large range of gift items.

Today, M&G supplies flower bulbs, plants and other products to the United States, Switzerland, England, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Canada, Russia and many more countries.

M&G, Flower Bulbs and More! A slogan for the future with roots in the past.