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Planting instructions / Tips

Each package contains planting instructions, such as planting time, type of soil and flowering season. Did you lose the packaging or do you need information about planting times? We have compiled an overview for you with details about the most important flower bulbs from our collection.

Spring bulbs

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Spring bulbs such as Tulips, Narcissi and Crocuses can best be planted between September and December. Large flower bulbs have to be planted with the right side up, while small bulbs can be spread out randomly during planting. Prior to planting, make sure that the soil is loosened and enriched with compost, if necessary.

Planting depth is generally twice the bulb's own height. Large bulbs should be planted about 10-15 cm apart from each other. In the case of small bulbs, it's about 7-10 cm, depending on the effect you want to create.

Flower bulbs should preferably be planted in sandy soil, since that provides better drainage. If they are planted in clay-like soil it is advisable to ensure that the water is able to drain off well. The simplest way is to add sand or compost to the clay soil.

After planting, the flower bulbs need water to be able to take root. The sooner the bulbs take root, the better they are able to withstand frost and cold. No extra water is needed if sufficient rain is falling or has fallen in the autumn.

Summer-flowering bulbs

Summer bloomers such as Dahlias, Gladioli and Lilies can best be planted in the spring, after the danger of frost has disappeared, until about the end of May. Plant them in a sunny location in the garden or in a flower pot.

BegoniaThe planting depth of summer-flowering bulbs varies per type. Dahlias and Begonias should be planted just below the soil surface, while flower bulbs such as Gladioli and Lilies should be planted at a depth that is about twice the bulb's height.

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The planting distance between bulbs varies greatly. Small bulbs can be planted about 10 cm apart from each other, Gladioli 12 cm, Begonias 25 cm and Lilies 30 cm apart. Dahlias can be planted about 40 cm apart from each other. To achieve an even more striking effect, it's also possible to plant the bulbs closer to each other, providing there is a reasonable amount of space in between.

Summer bloomers can be planted in any type of soil with the only condition that it provides good drainage. If they are planted in clay soil, it is advisable to first mix in some garden mould or potting soil. When planting bulbs in pots or containers you can use compost or potting soil.

Water the bulbs immediately after planting so they can take root. Additional watering is needed during dry spells in the summer so that the soil remains damp.