Flower bulbs are an important seasonal product for retailers. Judging the quality of these products is a specialism in itself. Fortunately, there is an independent label that guarantees the quality of this natural product.

The advantages of guaranteed-quality flower bulbs are obvious:

  • You can be certain that you are selling your customers products of the highest quality, based on stringent quality guidelines and strict inspections.
  • Should there be any complaints, you can rest assured that these will be handled quickly and correctly at a central point, without it costing you time and energy.
  • By opting for guaranteed quality, you provide an extra service for your customers, who will consequently develop into loyal buyers.
  • At M&G, flower bulbs undergo strict inspections by independent specialists during and after the production process. Particular attention is paid to: health, authenticity of type and colour, and size. From initial quality check to random sampling of the packaged batches, with the aim of supplying only top quality.


Despite strict inspection methods, the Flower Bulbs Quality Mark Holland and ISO 9001-2000 certification, it's nevertheless possible that you are not satisfied with the product you have purchased. The conditions of the Flower Bulbs Quality Mark Holland stipulate that you can send the packaging along with a description of your complaint to the Flower Bulbs Quality Mark Holland Foundation. M&G guarantees that you will receive a good equivalent product for the next season.

Send the packaging with a description to:

Stichting Keurmerk Bloembollen Holland
(Flower Bulbs Quality Mark Foundation Holland)
PO Box 4
2180 AA Hillegom
The Netherlands