M&G’s products distinguish themselves by their high quality and attractive presentation. Every year, we put together new product programmes based on the latest trends. Our product range features more than 2000 varieties. We supply more than 500 different Tulip species alone!!
The new varieties introduced on the market every year result in a constantly updated product range, since we always include a number of new varieties in order to make our selection even more complete. M&G’s products can be divided into three categories: aspring, an autumn and an indoor programme.

If desired, we can supply our products in private label packaging. M&G has its own creative design department that can develop attractive packaging tailor-made to your specific requirements. Over the years, M&G has gained extensive experience in private label packaging for chain stores.


Spring selection

M&G offers an extensive selection of packaged summer-flowering bulbous and tuberous plants that are produced and sold in the spring. Our spring range consists of the following …

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Autumn selection

In addition to a spring and indoor selection, M&G also offers a very wide choice of packaged spring-flowering varieties. Our autumn range comprises the following main groups:…

Indoor _hippeastrum

Indoor selection

Apart from the popular flower bulbs planted in the garden, there has been a recent growing interest in forcing these popular flower bulbs into bloom indoors. For this purpose, M&…

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Private Label

For several years now, M&G's flexibility has been emphasized by the options available for private labels. We incorporate your own brand/house style into a product range of top …


Mail order

Flower bulb sales through mail-order companies is a growing market. M&G has by now acquired considerable experience in this area and is increasingly gaining a larger market sha…

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