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In addition to a spring and indoor selection, M&G also offers a very wide choice of packaged spring-flowering varieties. Our autumn range comprises the following main groups: Tulips, Narcissi, Hyacinths, Crocuses and a broad group of miscellaneous bulbs and tubers. These spring bloomers give the garden its first burst of colour after a cold winter and are available from August through November. Their flowering periods extend from February to late May.

The autumn range comprises the most popular flower bulbs, which come in a huge medley of colours. M&G is known for offering a great diversity of packaging options for different varieties and applications.

From blister packs to ready-made hanging baskets, all packaging designs are created to show the splendour of flowers. When you sell our product in the autumn, you sell the promise of a beautiful and colourful spring! All flower bulbs are packaged in accordance with the strict standards of the Flower Bulbs Quality Mark Foundation Holland.